HUNTZ Biography Hunt talks about music, losing loved ones and his new mixtape Treasure Hunt, which is out real soon. Hackney has always been at the epicentre of cultural expression. No matter how much the residents are deprived of other riches, culture and arts has always been abundant in the diverse Borough of London. From the Nobel Prize for Literature winner Harold Pinter to Michael Caine, from Barbara Windsor to Professor Green, Hackney has always been presented well in all forms of the Arts. Musical representation of Hackney in the arts has arguably always been its strongest forte. Talented musicians struggling to make a name for themselves in the big bad music industry is as much a part of Hackney folklore as the residents stubbornly resisting the temptation to move out in to the country during the World War 2 Blitz despite the area being the most bombed part of London. One such talent is Hunt (AKA H.u.n.tizzy) part of the North/East London collective S.I. Ascending from Stoke Newington, in North Hackney, music was always a part of Hunts upbringing, the golden era of garage infected him with the bug, "but I was never that good at it then" he openly admits. He switched over to rapping in 2004, the slower pace allowed him to express himself much more comfortably and maybe enabled him the therapy of getting over the death of Uncle Erks a close friend, who Hunt describes as "like a brother", who was slain in an execution murder. The response was all positive, friends and other people who heard him spit acknowledged that he was excelling at a time when some other rappers were still faking American accents, his distinctively British voice immediately got him the positive stigma of home grown talent. Hunt then started collaborating with friend Grim at Grims home made studio. Another friend who had also got into music, Tallman took Hunt into a proper studio where he got to collab with one of the brightest stars in the fledgling UK Rap scene at the time, the supernova that is Joe Black. They recorded tracks together. Hunt went on to form the clique L.or.D. (Live Or Die). Lovers Of Real Dough then put out the CD 'Tales Of A Hustle' that announced the cliques presence into the scene. However they did not manage to capitalise on the buzz they created and other commitments meant the pace of the clique slowed down. Hunt took the initiative however, his first solo CD 'Voices Of The People' was ready to drop, but the artwork and the quality of recording was lacking according to Hunt so he instead released it as a free download on Dat Piff, not one to lose pace, he then followed these up with Today's Show another free download and the recently released Capital H. In the mean time Hunt even managed to appear at the illustrious Hackney Empire alongside the notorious Pete Doherty on the televised 'A Night With Pete Doherty' after meeting him in the same studio they both had rented out. However nothing came of the global exposure, "He is too drugged up to keep up with, and he has bad memory", Hunt jokingly suggests of the whole episode. Hunt releases his first proper release Treasure Hunt next month and expects it to do well. Hunt realises the importance of progression so he says that Treasure Hunt will not be like previous releases, the beats are all UK produced and he has written concepts and songs instead of just bars. A testament to this is 'Billy' the tragic tale of lost youth that is almost picturesque in its descriptive nature. Hunt says he has also written the follow ups 'Meet Suzie' and 'Meet Lucky' which when linked together with the final track form a complete story. Other rappers take note, 16s are so last decade. Production duties on the mixtape slash album are taken care of mostly by the in form Westy Productions, which is definitely a plus as Westy definitely seems to have the Midas touch at the moment, Cakes also contributes and there is a track on Treasure Hunt produced by Weezy Brown. There is also a strong abundance of quality features on Treasure Hunt, exclusives tracks with Benny Banks, Squeeks, Youngs Tef, K.Koke Tallman, Joe Black and of course L.or.D. ...definitely a mouth watering prospect of a list. Treasure Hunt will be out once cleared for distribution on iTunes in about 3 weeks time and limited physicals will be available. Make sure you cop Treasure Hunt when it drops as it'll be unmissable. Hunt also says that closer to the release a video and a single will drop so keep your eyes peeled for that.
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